QR Code factory API
Automate creation at scale

Discover endless possibilities in QR code creation.
Customize types, backgrounds, and logos effortlessly
Simplify payments with Swiss QR-Rechnung Bills
Digitizing payments seamlessly

Ready to create powerful QR Codes?

Personalise your QR Codes with unique shapes, brand colors, logo, frames, data patterns & backgrounds

Background Image

Background for dark and light color.

Logo image

Logo image for your QR branding.

SVG code and Logo

Scalable graphic code and logo.


Character only, for legacy devices.

What QR Code Factory do?

From a simple message to complex bank and crypto transaction.
Discover what you can do with QR Factory API


QR Code Factory API
Automate code creation at scale

Choose your QR Code type among a vast and expanding list.
Use vectors or images as background and logos.
Create QR Code in your favorite image type or as ASCII Art.

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